Get more done in the field with Zoho Mobile Work Order Software

When you work in field services or construction, efficiency is key – but it’s not always expected.  In fact, doing a job efficiently will set you miles apart from your competitors at the end of the day.  And, the reason for this is evident: the mobile work order software many service or construction companies use is either outdated or nonexistent.

Historically, paper work orders used to be the only way to get information from your headquarters to your technician or crew – and those had a whole host of limitations, too.  No way to clock into or out of jobs. No way to transmit approval of the work order to your office. And, no way to replace the work order if it got damaged or lost! Now that mobile work order software has entered the conversation, those problems still exist.

You already depend on field service management software for some aspects of your business.  Why not cut all those problems off at the head with work order management software that not only works on its own, but plugs into your other business software as well?

The Reason this Software Exists

Your staff shouldn’t have such a hard time completing their daily work.  Work order software (or any business system) you use should work for them – not the other way around.

With this in mind, we developed FieldTech work order management software to work for you and your team, so you get the positive feedback you’ve always wanted when thinking about your technicians’ daily jobs.  And, we created a family of related software apps to connect to it – all built on the same platform, Zoho Creator. This way, you get the peace of mind you’ve always imagined when thinking about the rest of your business.

work order software

Features of the FieldTech Zoho Mobile Work Order Software

Dedicated module for work orders

  • Set instructions for the jobs you do, and deliver them directly to your technicians when it’s time to do a job.
  • Store all work order records in a dedicated module for easy reference.  This integrates with Zoho CRM and even Zoho Desk, too.

Time tracking on individual tasks on work orders

  • Track all time against any task in your work orders, down to the second.
  • View time tracking reports to help identify bottlenecks and optimize your processes.
  • Geolocation allows you to monitor where an employee was located when they clocked in and out or entered time on a task.

Work order scheduling software

  • This work order software dovetails with a scheduling app called the SmartScheduler.  This allows for scheduling individuals or crews to jobs, or assigning jobs to those entities.  Easy drag-and-drop functionality makes this very quick.
  • The scheduler writes events back to your CRM so your customer view is always up-to-date and accurate.

How the Work Order Management software works

work order software

Before a technician or crew uses this app to log time against a work order, a job dispatcher will use information from your CRM to schedule the job directly from the software.  For example, a deal moved to a particular stage or blueprint step might trigger the generation of a work order and the scheduling of a technician to survey an area.  

Once the dispatcher assigns the tech to the job based on their calendar availability, also integrated, the technician will be ready to go.  They will receive a notification about their newly scheduled work, and the client or prospect will receive a similar notification if you so choose.

On the date of the appointment, the technician will be able to travel to their destination using appointment reminders straight from their calendar.  Once the technician arrives at the job, they can access the web based work order software straight from their mobile device, where they can:

  • Clock into a job
  • View instructions related to their work order
  • View and modify or close any tasks related to the work order
  • Log time against those tasks
  • Capture photos of the job site, as necessary
  • Capture an e-signature, as necessary
  • Clock out of the job

Once the technician’s work is done, all information is recorded not only back to the work orders module, where an administrator can compile and view reports.  It can also be synced back to the CRM, and used in custom reports.

This field service work order software is part of a suite of apps

work order software

While managing mobile work orders is a crucial part of your business, whether you do field services or construction, it’s not the entire story.  You have a myriad of other steps before the work order is generated, of course, and some of those can be solved by standard Zoho apps… But, not all of them can, at least not very well.

For that reason, we designed a whole suite of apps for you to choose from in the FieldTech family.  Use one or use them all:

  1. Job Dispatch Software
  2. Mobile Quoting Tool (CPQ)
  3. Work Orders for Field Services
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Equipment & Asset Tracking
  6. Invoice & Expense Tracking
  7. Job Costing
  8. Commission Calculation

Software this important should be easy to get started with.

So, this one is.  Schedule your assessment today.

Whether you’re looking to refresh the software in your already-established business to take it to the next level, or you’re just getting off the ground, we can lend you a hand.  Let’s explore your business together to see just how this would work. Use the form below to schedule a free preliminary consultation.