FieldTech Zoho Job Costing Software

Regain the confidence you always had in your business. Calculate your costs and view reports using information you already track.

When you run a construction, field service, or manufacturing company, where you combine labor with materials, job costing calculations can be complicated.  Far more so than just subtracting dollars in from dollars out, in fact.

Believe it or not, it isn’t an uncommon problem to have.  We’ve even been there ourselves.  Even if your business looks outwardly smooth and elegant in your customers’ eyes, at the end of the day, somebody – maybe even you – sits at their desk and can’t put together how profitable the company is.  On some jobs, or on any of them.

No matter how your business looks to your customers, or your staff for that matter, dealing with a business with no job costing system in place takes valuable time away from you, and produces unnecessary stress.  

Fortunately, FieldTech job costing is available to solve that very problem, and get you back to what you do best: managing your business.

fieldtech job costing

Features of the Job Costing Software

  • Labor Tracking on Jobs: 

    1. Add additional costs to a job for burden rates, overhead, and adjustments.  
    2. Manage change orders against a job.  
    3. Generate invoices based on milestone/phase completion, or based on consumption of time & materials.
  • Easy Timesheets:

    1. Button for clocking in and out of jobs.  Auto-clock workers out of previous jobs when user clocks into two at once.
    2. Calculate prices from a rate card upon setup, or per specific project.  Calculates costs from employees’ payroll amounts.
    3. Track GPS location, drive time, and even auto-convert appointments to timesheet entries upon completion.
  • Standard Reports on Any Job:

    1. Timeline forecasting for estimated time of completion on a job.
    2. Percentage of completion reporting.
    3. Project variance: Budget against actual cost, as well as forecasted completion amount.

How the FieldTech Job Costing Software Works

fieldtech job costing software

This job costing system works very much the way you’d expect: it includes both inputs and outputs.  Users input data upon setup of the module, and as jobs are created, in order to tell the system how to calculate costs for jobs.  This includes logging time against work orders, which you can assign to jobs. Jobs can be comprised of a single sales order, or multiple, in the case of change orders.  You’ll also have places to enter bills, expenses, and purchase orders against jobs.

When all’s said and done, you’ll see data comparing the original contract amount to any change order amounts.  You’ll also see a history of all job stage/milestone completion by time, and cost. Furthermore, you can easily differentiate WIP liabilities (costs that have not been recognized yet) and WIP revenue (estimated revenue to be booked when a job is closed) from recognized costs and revenue.  These reports allow for identifying bottlenecks in your process, as well as gauging overall profitability trends.

FieldTech Zoho Job Costing: part of a whole suite of software

By design, job costing software won’t work without connecting with other data entry points in your business software system – unless you really like manual entry.  So, rather than make you work even harder, FieldTech Job Costing plugs into an entire suite of software called FieldTech. We designed the suite to help any field service, construction, manufacturing, or technology company.

FieldTech includes these apps and features:

  1. Quoting or estimating
  2. Scheduling or dispatching
  3. Field Service work order management
  4. Manufacturing (Production) work order management
  5. Inventory/Product management
  6. Equipment tracking
  7. Invoice & expense tracking
  8. Job costing
  9. Sales commission calculator
  10. MRP
  11. RMA

How to begin? Get an assessment.

fieldtech job costing system

Job costing may be one part of your business you need help with.  And, for job costing to be effective, those calculations need to mesh well with the other software you’re using, be it Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator, QuickBooks, or anything else.  You wouldn’t think of deploying a new piece of software for your business without knowing how it would affect everything else you’re working with – and we wouldn’t either.  

Contact us today to get an assessment and see how this Job Costing software – or more of the FieldTech suite – will impact the software you already use, and improve operations at your business for now and for years to come.