FieldTech Zoho SmartScheduler

The Ultimate Dispatch Software for your Field Service or Construction Business

If there’s one problem field service companies undoubtedly have, it’s scheduling technicians or crew members to do jobs.  Usually that involves looking at everyone’s calendar, making sure the available employee(s) have the appropriate skills for the job at hand.  Then, you’ll need to cross-reference those employees’ openings with your customer’s availability.  Finally, you’ll need to let all the appropriate parties know… And, that process can take several minutes, all while you have someone waiting on hold.  What if you have ten appointments per day? How about one hundred?  It’s enough to stress anyone out.

But, something so vital to your business shouldn’t take so much energy to do.  And now, it doesn’t have to.

That’s why we’ve created the FieldTech SmartScheduler. Part of the FieldTech ERP suite, this dispatch software integrates with Zoho CRM and allows for job scheduling immediately.

Schedule jobs based on these criteria:

  • Calendar availability
  • Job territory
  • Proximity to previous job
  • Skills required

Integrates with other business software for a seamless experience

Integration is key for a unified software experience; that’s why this field service scheduling software plugs into several different apps natively:

  1. Zoho CRM – the database where customer information is kept
  2. Zoho Creator – Zoho’s platform-as-a-service, on which the FieldTech platform is built
  3. Zoho Desk – Zoho’s help desk software, where your team can respond to trouble tickets and add articles to a knowledge base
  4. Google Maps – the program used for route optimization
  5. Twilio SMS – for sending job-related text alerts to your technicians and customers

How the SmartScheduler works

fieldtech smartscheduler

The scheduling process is simple.  You likely already track certain information related to a job inside your CRM, whether you’re simply sending out a canvasser to a neighborhood or planning a commercial construction project.  When it’s time to schedule a resource to your job, simply launch the field service scheduling software from inside the CRM, then pick a time from the list of availabilities that populates.

Once you’ve chosen the technician you want to work on your job, the selected job time slot will be written back to your CRM as an event associated with the record that the scheduler launched from.  (So, if you launch from the Deals module, the events created will be related to the chosen Deal.) The dispatch software will even create separate events for drive time (calculated by the Google Maps API) so all of your technicians’ time related to that job will be accounted for.

fieldtech smartscheduler

Need to schedule by crew or by equipment instead?

If you schedule by more than just individual technician and job, we have a solution for that, too.  Use our job dispatching software to:

  • Schedule technicians or crews to jobs by drag-and-drop.
  • Assign technicians or crews to jobs based on capacity
  • Assign jobs to people or crews based on route

The FieldTech ERP software suite

fieldtech smartscheduler

We know that scheduling jobs is important, but we also recognize that for most field service, installation, or even construction companies, scheduling is only part of the battle.  Before scheduling, you might have to create a custom quote or an estimate for your products or services. And, afterwards, you’ll need to manage field service work orders and track job-related equipment.  You probably also need to track invoices and expenses related to the work you do.  And, you’ll need to keep tabs on job costs. Eventually, you’ll need to pay your sales reps for successful sales based on your commission structure.

It’s part of a complicated process.  And, we’re proud to have a hand in all of it, because we’ve seen it all!  The SmartScheduler is a part of the FieldTech family, natively integrated so your entire operation runs smoothly.

FieldTech includes these field service software apps:

fieldtech smartscheduler

  1. Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tool
  2. SmartScheduler Dispatch Software
  3. Field Service Work Order Management
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Equipment Tracking
  6. Invoice & Expense Tracking
  7. Job Costing
  8. Commission Calculation & Tracking

Manage your manufacturing from directly inside FieldTech, too

When your process involves more than just installation or other field service work, we’ve got you covered there as well.  Use these handy manufacturing apps in FieldTech to manage the manufacturing side of your business.

  1. Order Management System (OMS)
  2. Manufacturing Work Order (Production Order) Management
  3. Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

fieldtech smartscheduler

See how it works – get started today

We’d love to show you our field service scheduling software, as well as the rest of the FieldTech suite of apps.  Use the form below to contact us for a complimentary consultation and needs analysis, and a walkthrough of any and all FieldTech apps that fit your business.