Custom Zoho Inventory Management for your Unique Needs

Remove unnecessary stress from your workday with this smart inventory management software.

It’s no secret that out of the box, many software systems could stand to improve the way they handle inventory.  After all, life is hardly ever as simple as tracking items on hand. Chances are your needs are a little outside the box, and very specific to your business.  For businesses just like yours – and maybe yours as well – finding a reliable inventory management software solution that solves all of your needs is as daunting a task as any you’re faced with.  And, finding one that fits and connects with the rest of your business software is just as difficult.

You might have problems managing custom or special items you carry, or specialized warehouse situations.  You may need a configurator, or serialized inventory, or something even more complex. And, there isn’t an obvious solution in sight, especially in an industry that typically lags behind the technological curve.

But, what if there were a way to manage your complex inventory management, vendor management, and warehouse management needs in a way that not only solved your specific problems, but also worked in tandem with the rest of your Zoho software?

All-in-one Zoho Inventory Management Software

inventory management

We’re happy to present FieldTech’s inventory management software as a solution to all these issues you face – and more.  We designed FieldTech to anticipate many of the problems you already face. And, what’s more, we made sure FieldTech is scalable so you have the foundation to solve future problems with the very same app.

vendor management

Fast Feature List:

  • Product configurator
  • Inventory reordering
  • Prioritize vendors per item
  • Warehouse & bin customization
  • Inventory lead time & forecasting
  • Material issues tracker
  • Serialized inventory
  • Consignment items
  • Many others…

The best part? This software comes with a bundle of other useful FieldTech apps

While inventory management, vendor management, and overall warehouse management are vastly important, they’re still a small cog in the huge machine known as your business.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a solution that could manage it all? Look no further! FieldTech comes standard with these apps and features:

  1. Quoting Tool (CPQ) – Mobile quoting and signatures from in-field
  2. Dispatching Software – Both for sales appointments and for work orders
  3. Time Tracking – Track time easily against work orders
  4. Inventory Management – Manage buying and selling of inventory in any circumstance
  5. Equipment Tracking – Know where all your fixed assets are at all times, and how much they are costing
  6. Invoice & Expense Tracking – Monitor all invoices and expenses related to jobs in one software module
  7. Job Costing – Profitability insights from one easy dashboard
  8. Commission Calculator – Auto-calculate and track commissions for your sales team

Manufacturing-specific features:

  • Order Management – Manage X-to-X relationships between SOs, POs, shipments, and invoices
  • MRP – Predict optimal reorder points based on multiple, programmable factors
  • Production Orders – Otherwise known as work orders for manufacturers, this allows for tracking routing instructions, material releases, timesheets, and much more

inventory management

With FieldTech’s library of features, you can combine our inventory management system with any and all other parts of the suite to help your business grow.  And, that’s true no matter if you work in manufacturing or distribution, field service or construction, or even technology.  Do you have a third-party ERP or other software system you’d like to connect to, too?  Zoho Creator, the platform we built FieldTech on, has a robust API, so many different integrations are possible.  This includes Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, and several other apps.  Let us know what you’d like and we’ll discuss the integration possibilities with you.

Take a tour – get started today!

We’d love to show you how this inventory management software would work, not only in a demo environment but in the context of your business as well.  Contact us for a free Zoho consulting and needs analysis meeting, as well as a walkthrough of this app, plus any other FieldTech app that suits your needs.