What is FieldTech?

FieldTech is a suite of apps designed to optimize sales, operations, and finance for field services, construction, manufacturing, and distribution businesses. It’s built on Zoho Creator, a great, flexible platform that’s enabled us to accommodate the needs of many businesses while still providing software that’s easy to use and more affordable than the big-brand names.

  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Tool

    For assembling quotes and collecting signatures from in-field

  • SmartScheduler

    For scheduling techs or reps to appointments based on skill, proximity, and other factors

  • Work Orders for Field Services

    Gives employees or crews instructions on exactly what work to perform in the field

  • Time Tracking App

    For tracking employee and crew time against work orders

  • Work Orders for Manufacturers (Production Orders)

    Gives manufacturing instructions for any items that need production

  • Inventory Management & MRP

    Allows for forecasting inventory and setting reorder points based on trends, time of year, and other factors

  • Order Management System (OMS) App

    Allows for customizing orders, including X-to-X relationships between SOs, POs, shipments, and invoices

  • Equipment Tracking

    Tracks job equipment and other fixed assets by location, including job sites, and tracks related costs

  • Invoice & Expense Tracking

    Groups all invoices and expenses related to particular jobs together, which aids in job costing

  • Job Costing App

    Provides profitability reports based on labor and materials related to the jobs you perform

  • Commission App

    Calculates commission for sales reps on paid invoices based on a sliding scale, and includes a portal for sales reps

Who is this partnership geared towards?

Business or Technology Consultants for field services, manufacturing/distribution, or construction companies looking to refresh their clients’ business software – including Zoho partners.

CPAs who work with service, construction, or manufacturing companies, as FieldTech integrates heavily with accounting systems like QuickBooks and Zoho Books.

MSPs who are tasked with recommending a software package for their manufacturing, service, or construction clients.


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Become a FieldTech Partner today and
enjoy these benefits:

Strengthen the relationship you have with your clients by providing them FieldTech

Know your clients are well taken care of by a white glove, US-based support team

Get paid every time we close business from a prospect you refer to us

Evergreen; the payments don’t stop unless the clients stop using our software

Zoho Partners

Become a FieldTech affiliate and keep all of the Zoho licensing from clients you refer us for FieldTech software.

Discounts available

Pay on behalf of the customers you refer to FieldTech and receive a discount of up to 20%.

Get started today!

Do you know someone at a company who you think would benefit from software like FieldTech? Schedule an exploratory call with us today and we’ll go over the software, as well as our partner program, with you in detail.

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