FieldTech Zoho CPQ Estimating Software

Make life easy for your technicians.  Create totally custom quotes with this mobile CPQ software, optimized for Field Services & Construction businesses.

As someone who works with a field service or construction company in any capacity, you know just how important providing an estimate to your customers can be.  And, it’s very likely you also know how difficult providing that quote can be. After all, you’re not just selling widgets in a storefront – you’re selling labor, parts, and a totally custom job, every single time.

Maybe you use a spreadsheet to assemble all your quotes – and that’s no fun, especially when data is accidentally deleted.  You might offer your prospects paper estimates to sign, which give you or your technicians yet another physical document to keep track of.  Or, you might even lose your clients’ patience by waiting precious hours – or more – for estimates to be approved. Your quoting process can set the tone for the rest of the interaction between you and your customer.  A slow process is like leaving money on the table.

fieldtech cpq estimating software

It used to be that quoting was a slow part of any field services or construction business.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Your quoting procedures shouldn’t bottleneck your entire business.  We created the FieldTech CPQ (configure price quote) estimating software for this very reason.  And now, you can use this special field service and construction software to really help improve your lot.

Imagine your technicians able to create quotes from right in the field – even custom quotes made from special combinations of labor and service, and even with totally custom products.  It’s all possible.  Technicians can assemble custom quotes, email them, add photos, collect signatures, and get them approved by higher-ups – all electronically, all securely in the cloud.

FieldTech Zoho CPQ software includes these features:

  1. Mobile quoting, great for technicians or other workers who need to deliver quotes while out in the field
  2. A quote configurator, meaning quotes can be completely customized depending on the type of work being done, parts needed for the job, and labor needed as well
  3. Digital signature collection, so customers can approve estimates immediately, and the signature data can be written directly to the quoting software and other integrated systems
  4. Electronic quote approval, so you don’t need to deliver a physical, signed quote to a supervisor in order to get approval for it

Integrates with other business software for a seamless business experience

  1. Zoho CRM – Quotes created in FieldTech can sync back to Zoho CRM to be viewed by anyone with CRM access.
  2. Zoho Creator – Zoho’s own platform-as-a-service, home to the FieldTech suite of apps.  Quotes created inside FieldTech can sync with other FieldTech apps (or other Zoho Creator apps) as needed.
  3. QuickBooks Desktop or Online – Quotes from the FieldTech CPQ software can sync with QuickBooks as Estimates, so your staff who use QuickBooks can see them easily.

fieldtech cpq estimating software

How the CPQ software works

For this estimating software, the only difficulty is in programming the tool with your own business logic before you use it.  The actual quoting process is a breeze.  You or your technicians can simply open the FieldTech app from their mobile device of choice, then input the information necessary to create a quote.  That info can include not only the pieces of inventory necessary to do the requested work, but the amount and type of labor needed as well. Once your prospect accepts the quote, you can collect a digital signature on it.

You can then send this signed quote to a manager for approval, if needed.  For certain types of work (repair, renovation, or cleaning work, for example), you may even want to attach a “before” photo to document the state of the object you’ll be working on before you do that work.

Do you need customer-facing quotation software instead of a technician-facing program?

No problem!  If your customers can convey their needs to you without someone physically visiting their location, you may want your customers to assemble their own quote.  (Think about how a car manufacturer handles quoting.  You can browse all sorts of models on their website, choose options specific to each model, and compare pricing for each choice.) This is called a quote configurator, and the FieldTech configure price quote tool can do this, too.  Just ask us about it, and we’ll show you an example.

FieldTech CPQ is part of a family of business apps

fieldtech cpq estimating software

Integration between systems is crucial if you’re going to get ahead of not only your own schedule, but your competitors.  Plus, we know that while providing a proper, timely estimate to your prospects or clients is key to doing business, it’s nowhere near the entire puzzle – just a small piece.  That’s why we created the FieldTech ERP suite of apps: to help manage not just the quoting aspect of field service or construction businesses, but the entire business process.

FieldTech ERP includes these handy apps, perfect for any field service or construction organization:

  1. CPQ Estimating Software, for delivering custom, mobile quotes to your customers or prospects
  2. SmartScheduler Dispatch Software, for scheduling technicians or crew members to perform work
  3. Field Service Work Order Management, which instructs techs or crew members how to do their jobs at any location
  4. Equipment Tracking, for managing the fixed assets that travel with your employees to each job they do
  5. Invoice and Expense Tracking, for managing payments and bills related to projects
  6. Job Costing, which calculates your overall costs for any job based on both the labor and materials used
  7. Commission Calculator, which calculates sliding scale or topline commissions and allows for easy invoice creation and commission statements for sales reps

Do you do manufacturing as well?

fieldtech cpq estimating software

Often, companies that perform services also do some manufacturing in order to use their raw materials effectively during a job.  Use FieldTech ERP to manage your entire manufacturing process as well, with these manufacturing-specific apps:

  • Order Management System (OMS) for managing X-to-X relationships between POs, SOs, shipments, and invoices
  • Production Orders (Work Orders) for Manufacturers manages the manufacturing process itself, and includes work order travelers
  • Material Resource Planning (MRP) predicts optimal material reorder points based on trends, time of year, and other factors

We’re here for you!  Start your journey today.

We know as well as anyone that finding a software solution to work not just for your quoting procedures but for your entire service or construction business is a serious endeavor.  We’d like to be there with you every step of the way to ensure these apps work for you. It all starts with a simple conversation to assess your needs – and then we’ll show you a demo.  Use the form at the bottom of this page for a consultation and demo!