FieldTech Zoho Production Order Software for all your Manufacturing needs

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing just how effective your operations are – at the touch of a button.

As a manufacturer, you have some very specific metrics to track – and actions to take – in order to ensure your business is on the path to continued success.  But, if you’re like a lot of manufacturers, you don’t have business software that can easily accommodate those needs. From reserving materials when work orders are released and automating labor and overhead calculations to something as fundamental as standardizing your production process in each work center you have, it’s all important.  And, maybe you do some of this – or, maybe you aren’t able to do any of it.

The fact is if you aren’t managing your manufacturing processes effectively – even if manufacturing is only a small part of what you do – you run the risk of seriously harming your business if you make a wrong turn and you don’t have the data to show you what went wrong and when.

No matter what, we designed this FieldTech production order software especially with you in mind.  FieldTech production orders, otherwise known as manufacturing work orders, solves a host of common manufacturing business problems.  The software then enables you to grow your business more effectively by giving you access to standard reports that show you exactly where your inefficiencies lie.

Fortunately, FieldTech job costing is available to solve that very problem, and get you back to what you do best: managing your business.

manufacturing work order software

Features of the FieldTech Manufacturing Order software

Directly manage and report on work centers: 

  • Set standard instructions for each work center you have, with standard labor costs and material amounts consumed.  
  • Report on your budgeted to actual labor and materials used.

Reserve materials: 

  • Automatically reserve materials when a work order is released, or when one is completed (also called backflushing).  
  • Pull materials into a Works in Progress (WIP) account so they don’t show in stock.  Cost of finished goods goes into your inventory.

Automate labor and overhead calculations:

  • Calculate labor on a work order from a bill of materials (BoM) or a router.
  • Calculate overhead percentage to apply to a work order

How the Manufacturing Work Order software works


fieldtech production order software

This manufacturing order software works by connecting to your inventory management system (whether through FieldTech or through a third-party app) and uses data from your work centers to calculate manufacturing efficiency.  It then feeds data to your Job Costing module, if available, to show you how your manufacturing costs affect your business at large.  You can easily generate and view reports via the manufacturing order software or the job costing app to identify areas in your process that can be improved upon.

Like all the other apps in the FieldTech ecosystem, this module can be used right out of the box.  But, chances are, it won’t be very effective for you until it’s customized for your needs, your metrics, and your reports.  Fortunately, this is not difficult for us to do, as all of FieldTech is built on the Zoho Creator platform, which is extremely customizable.  Once we get a feel for your business (the assessment stage), we’ll let you know exactly how the software can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Production Order Management is part of the FieldTech family

While managing your manufacturing processes is essential to your business, it’s not the whole story – far from it.  And indeed, if this software couldn’t communicate with your other business software, you’d probably spend more time double-entering information than running your company.  For that reason, we designed FieldTech as an entire suite of apps for field services, manufacturing, and technology companies.  

fieldtech manufacturing work order software

Some of the apps included with FieldTech:

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