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Manage returns and connect to the rest of your ERP system


Whether you work in manufacturing, distribution, or even technology, returns are often a fact of life.  Not every product you touch is going to be perfect, of course. And, it’s how you manage these returns that sets you apart from your competition.  After all, how many times has a return shown up and completely bogged down your internal processes?

Mishandling returns, whether it’s in your business processes or in your software, can cost you valuable time, overhead costs – and, worst of all, valued customers.  You probably had a picture in your head when you started your business – but now you might be at a potential impasse, and you may not be sure what to do.

Rather than fall victim to losing customers over mishandling returned items, let us show you how we handle returns in the FieldTech RMA software – and how you can, as well.

fieldtech rma software

How many times have you been in this boat?

Managing returns without RMA system software is no easy task.  You might find yourself in a variety of different situations related to lack of an RMA module:

  1. When you receive a returned item, processing the return takes forever.  You have no internal distinction between repairs, returns, and replacements.
  2. You lose money on restocking because you don’t always charge restocking fees correctly, if at all.
  3. Because of the lack of distinction between types of returns, you don’t have accurate reports related to those returns – so, you can’t know how to possibly improve your business in that way.

None of these are enviable – and yet, they’re all too common when it comes to managing returns.

FieldTech RMA System Software packs these features:

fieldtech rma software

  1. Manage returns, repairs, and replacements from the RMA module
    • Auto-create credit memos or repair orders from returns as needed.  Generate RMA numbers, too.
    • Create sales orders for replacement parts when a purchased part is no longer available.
    • Create return shipping labels and internal RMA documents.
  2. Add restocking fees automatically as a percentage or amount per item.
  3. Transfer inventory to physical or virtual warehouses designed for returns, inspections, or quarantines.
  4. Native and third-party software integrations
    • Connects with FieldTech Inventory Management software natively for a complete solution.
    • Connects with Zoho Books, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Desk
    • Also connects with third-party apps life QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

FieldTech Returns Management Software is part of a family of apps

While managing returns is undoubtedly important, it’s not your entire business.  It’s more like one small component of a larger machine. We developed the FieldTech Zoho ERP software with that idea in mind, so your RMA system software dovetails with the rest of your inventory management software, which then can connect to other components you might use.  That includes FieldTech software, other Zoho software like CRM and Desk, or even third-party apps.  In fact, FieldTech is built on Zoho Creator, which is why it’s so natural to integrate it with other Zoho apps, and to customize it.

Some components and modules of FieldTech:

  1. CPQ estimating software
  2. Job dispatch software
  3. Inventory management software
  4. Equipment tracking software
  5. Time tracking
  6. Invoice & expense tracking
  7. Manufacturing work order software
  8. Sales commission software

fieldtech rma software

Ready to begin your FieldTech journey?  Let’s start with an assessment.

Before you start using our returns management software, we’d love to get to know you and your business.  That way, we know exactly how to customize our software to your needs, and we can get an idea of how the apps will be received by everyone who will be using them – your team.  This leads to much more successful projects, and longer-lasting relationships.

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