FieldTech Zoho Commission Calculator

Give your sales team back their confidence by calculating their commissions quickly and easily.

At the end of the day, after all the hard work you put into optimizing your sales process, your production workflow, and collecting payments for the work you do, you still have one thing left to do.  You still have to think about how to calculate sales commission for your employees.  And, that’s one thing that isn’t likely to change. How much you pay your staff largely dictates their satisfaction with working for you.  So, it follows that having transparent pay structures and a way to quickly calculate your commissions also play into that.

The fact is, not everyone has such an easy commission calculator.  Some businesses still use spreadsheets. And, while those may work, they’re prone to errors and don’t have any approval system attached to them.  What’s more, spreadsheets don’t give your employees any visibility into how they’re being paid until they actually are. And, worst of all: using a spreadsheet is manual, tedious, and slow.  How much time are you wasting by doing it all manually? And, how much more do you waste whenever you need to fix a mistake?

Calculate employee payments with this easy-yet-robust commission software

fieldtech commission calculator

At FieldTech, we recognize how often these problems come up, especially in the services, construction, and manufacturing/distribution industries.  The FieldTech commission calculator was designed specifically to save time, protect you against errors, and give employees visibility into their payments.

Features of the FieldTech commission software

  1. Pay commission based on revenue, profit margin, or a fixed amount/percentage
  2. Great for sliding scale (tiered) commission structures
  3. Input incentives or spiffs at chosen intervals
  4. Split commission for one sale between multiple sales reps based on your business logic
  5. Enable commission approvals to avoid mistakes
  6. Claw back commissions that should not have been paid
  7. Enable the sales rep portal so reps can see their commissions up-to-the-minute
  8. Integrates with Zoho CRM, Zoho Finance, and third-party ERP apps like QuickBooks
  9. Integrates with third-party payroll services like Gusto

fieldtech commission calculator

Need extra customization?  Just tell us.

The FieldTech commission tracking software is designed to work well without loads of customization – but, we understand no two commission structures are exactly alike, either.  What happens if you need something the commission calculator doesn’t do out-of-the-box? Just let us know. This commission software runs on Zoho Creator, so it’s very customizable.  In many situations, we can customize the app to calculate more complicated commissions, or perform extra related functions.

Part of the FieldTech Suite of Apps

Sure, getting your commissions straight is vital for most any business with a growing sales team.  But, there’s a lot that has to happen beforehand if you want the revenue – and the commission – to roll in at all.  With that in mind, FieldTech doesn’t include just commission tracking software; rather, it’s an entire suite of software apps that play a role in helping every aspect of your business, whether you perform services, do construction work, or manufacture or distribute goods.

The FieldTech family includes:

  1. Quoting – Great for putting quotes together and collecting signatures from in the field
  2. Scheduling – For assigning crews or individual technicians to your various jobs
  3. Work Orders (Field Services) – Provides instructions to your crews or techs on how to perform their respective jobs or tasks throughout the day
  4. Time Tracking – Associates time with work orders
  5. Equipment (Fixed Asset) Tracking – Allows for tracking equipment or other fixed materials necessary for a job, as well as their costs
  6. Invoices & Expenses – Allows for visibility into all invoices and expenses related to particular projects
  7. Job Costing – Provides accurate costing for jobs based on labor and materials used
  8. Commission Tracker App – Calculates and tracks commission owed to sales reps based on invoices collected

The FieldTech suite of apps works together to boost the overall performance of your business – not just one part.

fieldtech commission calculator

Do you do manufacturing or distribution?  Check out these more specific modules FieldTech provides.

  1. Order Management – For managing X-to-X relationships between purchase orders, sales orders, shipments, and invoices
  2. Inventory Forecasting Software (MRP) – Calculates and predicts inventory reorder points
  3. Work Orders (Manufacturing) – Also called Production Orders, this module helps manage the entire manufacturing process

Ready to see more? Get started today!

Commission calculation shouldn’t be so confusing, and the commission process shouldn’t be so difficult.  And, starting today, they don’t have to be! Use the form below to submit your info and we’ll get back to you for a free consultation and demo on the FieldTech commission tracker app, as well as any other parts of the FieldTech platform that would help your business thrive.