FieldTech Zoho MRP Inventory Forecasting Software

Manage reorder points, material purchases, and inventory levels with this custom MRP system.

fieldtech mrp inventory management

Good material requirements planning makes up the backbone of any manufacturer.  No matter what you do, your inventory is your life blood, and without it, you’re sunk.  But of course, simply having inventory isn’t so much the problem – managing the inventory levels is the real task.  And, without a proper system in place, you could find yourself with a whole host of problems that end up chewing away at your bottom line significantly.  In the age of automation, what’s a manufacturer to do?  This is especially troublesome if you don’t have much experience with inventory forecasting software or MRP (Material Requirements Planning).

Fortunately, FieldTech has a solution to this problem in the form of a dedicated MRP software module.  And, it works just the same whether you want to use an MRP system for the first time, or you have loads of inventory forecasting experience.

Feature Rundown: FieldTech Zoho Inventory Forecasting Software

Here are a few key features of the app:

  1. Predicts optimal reorder points and quantities for products based on trends, time of year, customers, and other factors
  2. Allows for inputting sales forecast by product, whether for finished goods or as part of a Bill of Materials
  3. Automatically releases inventory when part of a purchase order or work order

fieldtech mrp inventory management

Why are these features important?

  • Predicting reorder points.  Automatically predicting reorder points based on information already in your business software system means you spend less time doing manual equations trying to figure things out for yourself.  And, doing it all yourself may seem like a noble cause, but in reality it takes you away from actually managing your business. How much time have you spent trying to figure out optimal reorder points on your own?  And, how much more time have you spent trying to right the ship when it turned out your predictions weren’t correct?  Using an MRP system saves you from all these time-consuming tasks.
  • Inputting sales forecast by product.  Having forecasts for products, whether as part of a Bill of Materials or for finished goods, means you can not only see your immediate next reorder points for products, but future ones as well.  Rest easy knowing that your software is ahead of the curve, and you can plan for lower or higher volumes of inventory before they ever happen.
  • Automatic release of inventory.  How many times have you thought you needed to order or build more of a particular component, only to realize your outdated MRP system had tied up the inventory?  Inaccurate supply chain software can destroy a bottom line. FieldTech inventory forecasting software helps prevent this by releasing inventory when it’s tied to a PO or WO.

fieldtech mrp inventory management

Dovetails perfectly with your manufacturing side

On its own, MRP or inventory forecasting is fine in theory.  But in practice, if they don’t connect to the other parts of your business, you wind up with even more work than before transferring data to other systems by hand.  Fortunately, FieldTech supply chain software is part of the FieldTech manufacturing arm of apps:

  1. Quoting and Order Management app
  2. MRP software app
  3. Work Orders for Manufacturers (Production Orders) app

When used in tandem, both the Order Management app and the Production Orders app will feed data to the MRP app, making your inventory reorder points automatic – and more accurate.

Part of the whole FieldTech family of apps, too

fieldtech mrp inventory management

The aforementioned manufacturing arm of FieldTech is but one part of the whole body of software!  FieldTech features an entire vertical software solution, great for many construction and field services companies.  The whole family of apps features:

  1. Mobile Quoting (Configure Price Quote, CPQ)
  2. Automated Job Scheduling
  3. Time Tracking
  4. Field Service Work Order Management
  5. Equipment Tracking
  6. Invoice & Expense Tracking
  7. Job Costing
  8. Commission Calculation

What’s more: FieldTech is built on the Zoho Creator platform.  Zoho Creator is Zoho’s platform-as-a-service, so it allows for creating custom apps.  It makes it so we can integrate FieldTech with Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, and many other apps.  Let us know what you want–very much is possible.

Get started with an exploratory call and a demo

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